Warranty Claim

All Diadem high performance paddles come with our 6 months manufacturers warranty against defects when you register your paddle with us.  If you have a problem you suspect is a defect and have registered your paddle with us at purchase fill out the form below and we will get back to you within 24 hours M-F.

The warranty is not transferable after registration and only applies to the original owner when the paddle is purchased new from a Diadem authorized retailer.  

Normal wear and tear, damage caused by abuse, negligence, or user modification as well as the natural fading of graphics over time are not covered.  The paddle face and edge guard will scratch, nick, scuff, and chip over normal use throughout the life of the paddle. 

This warranty is available for Diadem paddles in the United States.  Diadem has the sole discretion to determine whether a paddle is covered and will either replace or repair any paddle covered under the warranty.


Diadem Sports offers a limited warranty for products purchased directly from Diadem Sports or its authorized retailers. Our products are warranted to be free from manufacturing defects for up to 120 days from the date of purchase or for the maximum period allowed by the laws of your jurisdiction, if less. Unfortunately, we cannot warrant the quality of products handled by distributors outside of our carefully selected network of partners.
In order to qualify for warranty service, the original purchaser must furnish proof of purchase in the form of an invoice or receipt issued by Diadem Sports or one of its authorized resellers. This warranty is exclusively applicable to the original purchaser of the products and is not transferable.
The goal of this warranty policy is to assure that our products meet the standards set by Diadem Sports. We are committed to providing a high-quality experience for our valued customers


**If you do not get a response within 24hrs please check your JUNK FOLDER, or email info@diademsports.com and we can forward our response.**