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Why Invest in becoming a Diadem Licensee?

Leverage a seasoned team of executives who have scaled many businesses. Our team is led by experienced professionals who are experts in Pickleball. We are experts in commercial property acquisition, retail leasing, construction management, asset management, and negotiation not to mention being great operators. We are hospitality & marketing experts. We will operate your Diadem Pickleball Complex for a minimum of three years or throughout your ownership
time-frame, as you choose.

High-Growth Sports Experience Industry

Diadem Pickleball Complex is a “player-first” concept, that will come fully equipped with a minimum of 9 state-of-the-art courts, superior lighting & sight lines, a restaurant and bar. A pro-shop that sells exclusively Diadem Sports products and approved partner merchandise.

Why Players Choose The Diadem Pickleball Complex

Each DPC offers a minimum of 9 state of the art regulation-size pickleball courts with clear overhead lighting, fast, non-skid surfaces, and perfect temperature. Our cushioned courts are joint-friendly, making your play time easy on your hips and knees. Each court has the ability to video record & live-stream your match so you’ll never miss any of the action.

There are no sorry’s at the DPC. Positive Vibes Only!

We Select Smart Locations

Site selection is one of the pillars of our growth strategy. We target locations in areas with strong
income demographics and we do deals that are win-win for long term success.

Multiple Revenue Streams

Pickleball has a massive and growing player base. It is the fastest growing sport in The USA. In fact, the Association of Pickleball Professionals cites that there are 44 Million pickleball players in the US as of January 2024. The Diadem Pickleball Complex has a model that is proven to win. We cater to the everyday player + beginners alike. “We live to play"

Low Overhead, Simple Operating Model

The DPC is designed to operate in an efficient way in all aspects of the business.

The Diadem Pickleball Complexes are conveniently located to provide easy access to its guest base. DPC players can easily and conveniently get their pickleball fix before work, during breaks or after work. We are opened 7 days a week from 7 a.m.- 10 p.m.

Diadem Pickleball Complex Amenities & Services

Guests will enjoy The Diadem Pickleball Complex environment.
Positive Vibes only and friendly atmosphere. Friendly Team obsessed with great service. The answer is yes what’s the question. Clean Courts & Facilities, Players viewing area, Beer & Wine Bar, Restaurants, Free Balls & Free Demo Paddles. We offer the very best professional coaches. Our programming is fun and helps to create an environment that invigorates its guests.


Diadem Sports was born for you the players who bring our brand to life. We are paddle makers who cater to anyone who “Lives to play” we bring people together in a safe , fun environment from all walks of life. We create communities that transcend borders.


DPC locations in Florida can be found in Coconut Creek and The Fort. Upcoming locations include Dade County, Pittsburgh, Orlando and New York.

meet the team

Evan Specht


Michael Manglardi


AJ Barlett


Jeff roschman


Rene Prats

Head of Development

Robert roschman

Head of Real Estate

Danielle Smith

Head of Accounting

Paul Robinson

Head of Marketing

gene devito

Head of DPC Programming

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