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our mission

Diadem Dynasty sponsorship program and Universal Tennis have partnered on their shared mission to maximize college exposure for junior tennis players and create a more streamlined process to help take their game to the next level.

Eligible players will have the opportunity to receive funding which could include free registration, travel stipends, and college scholarships

Eligible players will have the opportunity to compete in front of college coaches in person and virtually. Register for JNP now!

Eligible players will have the opportunity to compete in the Universal Tennis Pro Tour tournaments. Check out the PTT schedule here

jnp regional players

All participants in JNP Regional events receive a free equipment evaluation with our team of Master Racket Technicians led by Dustin Tankersley.

Dustin is the lead stringer for the US Open and French Open and has worked with your favorite pros' rackets, including Nadal, Serena, and Federer.

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Package choices for JNP REGIONAL WINNERS

Choice of a 3 racket package which includes rackets, bag, string, grips, apparel, accessories, and more!

Choice of 10 Team Essentials apparel pieces (mix and match tops and bottoms)

Consult with our team of expert Master Racket Technicians to spec out your rackets to maximize your game!