Diadem Releases The Official Pickleball - A Ball Created for Everyone

Diadem Sports is excited to announce   - “The Official Pickleball” - the ball that sets the new standard for speed, durability, and shape retention. The seamless, single-mold construction ensures long-lasting performance, the Official Ball will resist warping or breaking even under harsh playing conditions. Beyond the specifications, this ball was designed to be a premium product without the premium price. The Official Pickleball is USA Pickleball-approved. For more information please see: The Official Pickleball

The Official Ball was designed for the entire Pickleball community, whether you’re a seasoned pro or it’s your first time on the court. “We want this ball to be the official ball for anyone who loves Pickleball and much as we do. This is the Official Ball for the weekend warrior, the recreational player or the pickleball obsessed” Evan Specht said, Vice President and co-founder of Diadem Sports.

With this initiative and in continuing to build on the legacy of the brand, Diadem continued to leverage their brand heritage and belief that we “Live to Play '' and “The Official Pickleball'' is one more shining example of how it lives this vision. Built for the community, Diadem has set the goal for 2024 to donate to the pickleball community 250,000 FREE Official Balls. Diadem will look to provide balls to schools, colleges, local tournaments, parks and facilities, charitable fundraisers and to the pickleball community. If your organizations would like to request a donation of free balls to help empower access to this great sport, you can request a donation by completing this form: https://forms.gle/5oPaNb77y8HCBTCx7

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