5 Reasons Why the Diadem Warrior is the Pickleball Paddle for You

man holds diadem sports warrior pickleball paddle
1) Advanced Technology: The Diadem Warrior paddle is designed with cutting-edge technologies, including 3X L-Core with three layers of honeycomb that enhance the playability of the paddle. These technologies allow for excellent control and power on the court.
2) Superior Thickness: With a 19mm thickness, the Warrior offers a solid and stable feel that’s unmatched by other paddles on the market. And thanks to the Taper Tech molded handle, the paddle has a comfortable and slim 4 1/8th grip size.
3) Spin Potential: The Unique Grit Paint on the Diadem Warrior  allows for excellent spin potential, making it a great choice for players who want to add more spin to their shots.
4) Large Sweet Spot: The Warrior has an enormous sweet spot, which means that even off-center shots will feel comfortable and powerful.  This paddle is made with the highest quality carbon fiber, Polypropylene honeycomb, and it introduces Aramid honeycomb for power. The construction of the paddle makes the entire playing surface feel consistent.
5) Maneuverability: Despite its weight of 8.5 oz, the design and balance of the paddle makes it easy to wield and quick in the fastest of hands battles.


Overall, the Diadem Warrior is a top-of-the-line choice for pickleball players who want a paddle that offers advanced technologies, superior thickness, excellent spin potential, and high-quality materials all in one package.

Get your Diadem Warrior here.


  • Evan

    Awesome, I love the Teal version!

  • John K

    Love my Warrior. I also have a Warrior Edge (.5 oz. lighter) that I use when I want a bit less weight. BOTH great paddles, especially for spin.

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