Custom Pickleball Paddles

Interested in custom pickleball paddles?

Whether it's to promote your business, a gift for employees or customers, or a new business venture, custom paddles are the perfect way to join the nationwide pickleball movement. With a team of skilled designers, fast lead times, and attainable minimums, the Diadem Team is ready to help. Here's a couple FAQs:

- What is the minimum order? We have a 100 paddle minimum per design

- What can I put on the paddle? You'll be able to work with our team of designers to completely customize the paddle's cosmetics to any print, logo, pattern, or style of your choosing!

- How long will it take? Lead times are dependent on order details but the average is 60-90 days from order date

- How do the paddles play? Diadem specializes in high-performance paddles with some of the most innovative technology and exceptional quality standards. Simply put, your paddle will look great AND play great.

To learn more, please fill out the info below and our team will contact you shortly!