The Advantages of Extended Length Rackets

 Extended length tennis rackets, typically measuring 27.2 inches or longer, offer several potential benefits for players looking to enhance their game. One significant advantage is increased reach and leverage. The longer frame allows players to reach balls that might be just out of reach with a standard-length racket, enabling them to make shots with greater ease. This can be especially advantageous at the net, where extended-length rackets provide a larger "sweet spot" for volleys and overheads, making it easier to put the ball away.

Moreover, extended length rackets can generate more power and spin due to the added distance from the handle to the string bed. With increased racket head speed, players can produce more topspin on their shots, adding control and depth to their game. Additionally, the extra length can enhance serving power, allowing players to generate greater speed and spin on their serves. However, it's essential to note that extended-length rackets may take some time to adjust to, as the added length can affect the player's timing and control. Players should experiment with different racket lengths to find the one that suits their playing style and preferences best.

The Diadem Nova 100 Plus delivers extra power and reach for players that want to push opponents off the baseline. The Nova FS 100 Plus is 27.5 inches in length has a 16x19 string pattern to deliver plenty of spin from all areas of the court. The Diadem Nova FS 100 + is a powerful racket that adds extra plow-through while delivering excellent comfort through impact.

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