Diadem Sports Unveils Court Burst Shoes and The Official Ball at Diacon ‘24

Diadem Sports, a trailblazer in innovative sports equipment, announced several exciting new products and initiatives at DIACON '24, an annual celebration of racket sports, The event was held at South Florida’s only indoor pickleball center designed only for pickleball, held at the Diadem Pickleball Complex

Court Burst: The Pinnacle of Speed and Agility in Court Footwear

Diadem Sports proudly introduces the Court Burst – a revolutionary court shoe designed for tennis and pickleball enthusiasts who demand unparalleled speed and agility on the court. Crafted through a collaboration of elite footwear designers and engineers, the Court Burst represents the epitome of speed, comfort, and performance.

 Diadem's Court Burst boasts a lightweight and breathable performance knit upper, ensuring an instant, comfortable, and snug fit from the moment you lace up. The shoe's stability-focused construction incorporates cutting-edge technologies, namely Rebound X and Pro Stance X, making it the go-to choice for intense matches and extended play sessions where winning is the ultimate goal.

Engineered for high-speed gameplay, the Court Burst is your perfect companion whether you're sprinting across the tennis court or engaging in dynamic pickleball rallies. Diadem has meticulously crafted this footwear to meet the demands of the most rigorous matches, providing the perfect balance of speed and stability for the ultimate court experience. For more information see the video Meet the Court Burst

In speaking about the Court Burst, Michael Manglardi, Vice President and co-founder of Diadem Sports said, "Launching court shoes has been a dream of ours for years. I couldn't be happier to see this dream become a reality at DIACON, with hundreds of our closest friends, ambassadors, and team members. The Court Burst, inspired by iconic basketball sneakers from the late 90s, was designed to give players comfortable speed and rebound support. This shoe is a result of countless hours of research and development by our incredible team here at Diadem - and we can't wait to share it with the world."

For more information and to pre-order go to: Diadem Court Burst

The Official Ball: Built for the Pickleball Community - Perfect Blend of Durability and Speed

Diadem Sports also “The Official Ball” of Pickleball enthusiasts across the globe.  The Official Ball was designed for the Pickleball community – regardless of ability – and sets a new standard across speed, durability and retaining its shape. With a single mold seamless construction, The Official Ball is the product of hundreds of prototypes with varied composite construction and thousands of hours of rigorous testing. Beyond the specifications, this ball was designed to be a premium product without the premium price. More about The Official Pickleball

With the community in mind, Diadem has committed to being accessible to the fans, players and community that make pickleball the fastest growing sport in the world. Accordingly, Diadem has set the goal for 2024 to give the community of pickleball 250,000 in FREE product of The Official Ball. Diadem will do this through gifts to high schools, colleges, local tournaments, parks and facilities, charitable fundraisers and to the community at large via promotions on Diadem’s social channels, website and via email.  For more information, visit www.diademsports in the coming year.

“Our mission at Diadem is to not only continue developing quality products, but to help grow the sport. From the seasoned pro to the weekend warrior or first-timer, our commitment to excellence and growing the sport unite in our quarter-million ball giveaway” added Evan Specht, Vice President and co-founder of Diadem Sports. “We're empowering the pickleball community by putting our top-quality balls directly into the hands of those who matter the most – the players. We are so excited for everyone and anyone to play with the Official ball and experience the never-break never-warp quality that we know the sport needs.”

Live to Play

With these initiatives and in continuing to build on the legacy of the brand, Diadem continued to leverage their brand heritage and belief that we “Live to Play” – for physical fitness, health and wellness, social interaction and the human’s instinct to connect with others. Diadem Sports was built on that vision – initially with tennis and then with pickleball – and has committed to help continue to innovate and redefine the game. For more on that vision, please visit Live To Play.


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