Diadem Powers Inaugural Sneaker Launch with ShopAR Virtual Try On

When Diadem was planning the launch of their debut sneaker, Court Burst, the team knew credibility as a new sneaker player was of highest importance and they wanted innovative technology available for customers to experience their shoe online. 

Diadem partnered with ShopAR to showcase the Court Burst sneaker in 3D and AR on their e-commerce platform and at their annual celebration of racquet sports,‘Diacon ‘24’.

Launching the Diadem Court Burst shoes was a game-changer, bringing comfort and style to players who “Live to Play.” With ShopAR's cutting-edge AR and 3D commerce platform, we showcased the shoe's key features, unique technology, and sleek design, enhancing the customer journey. The response from customers and retailers has been phenomenal, making this launch a smashing success!

- Evan Specht, CEO and Co-Founder Diadem Sports

The Story

Founded in 2015, Diadem had a clear vision - to revolutionize the tennis industry by creating innovative, top-tier products that would optimize players' performance. Recognizing a lack of innovation among tennis brands, the team of  former collegiate and professional players and coaches set out to develop cutting-edge products that were accessible for players of all levels.

Located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, the epicenter of the sports market, Diadem Sports designs and develops products in-house, Diadem Sports continued to leverage their expertise in the world of  pickleball and has quickly become known as one of the most innovative brands in this fast growing sport. 

Throughout their growth, the driving force has been to continue to innovate and leverage the Diadem Sports continues to push industry boundaries through innovation and when it came to adding court shoes for pickleball and tennis, they worked with the world's foremost experts in the field to do so.  With the priority of  the design and technical aspects of the shoe, they needed to leverage the best in technology to properly launch the shoe so they turned to ShopAR. ShopAR was the ideal fit to leverage cutting-edge Augmented Reality try-on and 3D capabilities. A successful integration would improve the customer experience, reduce operating costs, increase profit and help open the doors to their footwear expansion.

The Goal

Powering their Court Burst sneaker launch with 3D and AR Technology

Diadem is known for performance and innovation in their industry, and they wanted to build excitement and preorders for their inaugural sneaker ahead of their public launch. They announced the sneaker at Diacon ‘24 and made it available immediately for pre-order online. 

ShopAR powered this activation, allowing their customers to virtually try on the sneaker at the event and at home ahead of availability. Diadem were able to work with the ShopAR team to achieve quality and performance to a level where they were very happy with the results. 

The Solution

ShopAR is an end-to-end platform for AR and 3D commerce. It allows retailers to build their own 3D asset collections quickly, easily and at substantially reduced cost. It then allows for efficient management and control of those assets at scale (typically in the thousands of SKUs). ShopAR also integrates easily into all major ecommerce platforms with only 6 lines of code, and comes with a powerful analytics suite.

After reviewing all the existing Footwear AR try-on platforms, Diadem decided to use ShopAR. This was for the following reasons:

  • Quality of the 3D shoes - more realistic than any other competitor
  • Tracking performance and accuracy - more precise, fast tracking on people’s feet
  • Superior customer support and flexibility - the ShopAR team was passionate about the implementation, was happy to work with Diadem and their tech requirements and delivered the implementation in record time.

Live demo: Unit showing demo of Diadem shoes

Products used: 

  1. 3D Asset Creation 
  2. 3D Asset Management Platform
  3. Virtual Try-On Plugin
  4. Analytics 


ShopAR has already made a meaningful impact for Diadem and the teams are continuing to partner focusing on optimization and data collection to quantify impact for a future case study.

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