Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Solstice Pro and Solstice Power?

Solstice Pro is geared for big hitters who create their own power, and demand ultimate control from their string. 15L Solstice Pro is thicker and more durable at 1.35mm, while 16L is 1.25mm.

Solstice Power is a more universal string which is enjoyed by all levels and abilities of tennis players. It still offers the incredible spin production as the Pro, but with more power and feel from a specially extruded material. 16 gauge offers longer durability at 1.30mm, while 17 is even more arm friendly and offers addition pop at 1.20mm thickness.  Also available in 16L (1.25mm), 15L (1.35mm), and 18(1.15mm).

What is the difference between Solstice Power and Elite XT?

Elite XT is our new firmer co-poly in our unique star shape.  Where Solstice Power is soft and grabs the ball holding it on the string bed, Elite XT is firm and has an explosive response off the string bed.  Elite XT’s firm feel gives the user a consistent response and solid feel.  It is recommended for higher level players who don’t have arm issues.

Being a co-poly string how well does the tension hold and how stiff are the Solstice products?

The tension maintenance and stiffness vary from product to product. Overall both Power and Pro are considered soft co-polys and hold tension very well compared to other poly strings. The United States Racquet Stringing Association (USRSA) tested Diadem Solstice strings in their lab and found that Diadem Solstice Power 16 is in a league of its own in both tension maintenance and a low stiffness reading.

Tension Loss vs. Stiffness Map

You can see from the chart most poly strings are considered stiff, and do not often hold tension well. You no longer have to give up those important factors in your string to still get incredible spin.
What is so special about Star Core Technology?
Read more about Star Core Technology here

I don’t use shaped string, will it be right for me?

The proprietary star shaped design is unlike any other shaped string on the market. It was designed and tested to generate more spin, and has been shown to have play-abilty longer than other shapes. Where other shapes ware into a round cross section over time, the star points continually bite the ball on contact.

Should I string it any different tension then other co-poly strings I have used?

Due to the great tension maintenance  we do recommended to slightly drop the tension, however, due to the softness many users are finding their normal tension works well after a few minutes of play getting adjusted to the difference.

What other strings do you plan on making?

Diadem now has 4 string offerings – Solstice Power, Solstice Pro, Elite XT and a multi-filament Impulse.   We are currently testing a new synthetic gut which we hope to bring to market sometime in 2017.   When hybriding with our star shaped polys multifilaments and syn-guts need to be durable enough to handle the sharp edges.

What makes the Pro Feel Overgrip different from other grips?

The new Diadem Pro Feel Overgrip is the product of over a year of development.  We wanted to create a soft, slightly tacky grip that Pros demand, but also make it the most durable and sweat resistant overgrip on the market.  Our unique Active Braid Technology absorbs and drys moisture better than any white grip on the market using a woven microfiber cloth construction.  It has been tested in the most humid conditions, and performed incredibly well.   When the Pro Feel Overgrip gets saturated with sweat you can dry it off with a towel and it will quickly become tacky once again.

Can I buy Diadem in my local shop?

Many local shops are carrying it throughout the country. Check here. If your local shop doesn’t carry it, you can always buy it here on www.diademsports.com.


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